Superb results from the first acoustic test

Since the launch of FeltTile in September last year, we have mounted quite a few projects. All of our costumers have been pleased with the improved acoustics of their spaces, but we wanted to know the numbers. Two weeks ago, we were finally able to test this with the help of Rambøll's acoustic department. The results were great!

We installed 12 tiles in a meeting room that was suffering from a very high reverberation time. Reverberation time is similar to what we call echo. What you want to reduce when soundproofing a room, is the time it takes for sounds to die out. The longer the reverberation time, the poorer the acoustics. The poorer the acoustics, the less habitable the room. This meeting room had concrete walls on three sides and a glass facade facing the hallway which means great possibilities for the sound waves to bounce around the room. And they did... so much that the meeting room was hardly used.

The test was professionally executed by Rambøll's own acoustic engineers. What they did was to test the reverberation time before and after the tiles were mounted. Then they did nine tests before, and nine tests after with the microphone and speaker in different locations around the room. The results are presented  underneath.

The results are really good. You can see that we have reduced the reverberation time (etterklangstid) drastically from 315 hertz and onwards. These results were way beyond our expectations and we are very pleased with verifying what we have believed all along: FeltTile is probably the most volume efficient sound absorbent in the market!

Are you interested in reading the whole test, you can download it here: 

(It is in Norwegian though, so do get in touch if you want an english version)