Most people have felt it, but few realise how bad acoustics wares you out.
Whether it’s a work space, social space, or concert hall the acoustics matters, so let us introduce you to our acoustic products made from 100% natural materials.

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Don’t let it get the best of you.

Our FeltTiles are designed to achieve class A sound absorbent, meaning they function as a sound trap. Because they absorb audio waves, they make it easier for you to keep your attention tuned.


Don’t settle for synthetic stuff.

Wool has antiallergenic capabilities, attracting dust and working as a natural air purifier. Also, the hygroscopic capabilities of wool naturally regulate the humidity of your environment.


Do some good.                    

The wool we use in most of our products is delivered to us by the mongolian shepherds. This helps them generate a regular income from a material that would otherwise go to waste. 


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